Why I Am An Expert

Step into a world where your journey as a queer person is not just understood, but celebrated. As a queer transformation coach and shadow healer, I bring a kaleidoscope of personal experiences and professional expertise, exclusively tailored for queer individuals and groups. My life's work is dedicated to helping you soar above life's challenges and embrace your most vibrant self.

I get it – the road we walk is sprinkled with unique hurdles and societal pressures. That's why my approach isn't just about strategies; it's about heart, empathy, and a deep understanding of the queer experience. Together, we'll uncover your goals, be they bold career moves, nurturing relationships, or personal triumphs, and arm you with the tools to leap over any obstacle.

My toolkit? A rich tapestry of qualifications and experiences. I'm not just a guy with a degree in counseling and a master's in NLP. I'm a lifelong student of healing arts, mindfulness, and personal development, specifically honed for the queer experience. My journey has been diverse, guiding everyone from high-powered execs to devoted family men, always with glittering results.

So, if you're ready to step into your power and paint your life in the boldest colors, I'm here – not just as a coach, but as a fellow traveler on the remarkable journey of being queer.



Attention all gay men who are ready to break free from fears & find self-love!

Are you tired of feeling stuck, held back, and limited by fear of rejection and self-doubt? Do you feel like you're constantly holding yourself back from the success, love and happiness you deserve? It's time to break free from those limiting beliefs, overcome the traumas of the past, and unleash your true potential.

Join us for our 21-day Gay Men's Guide To Love & Happiness Online Course, and unlock the power of your mind to achieve success in all areas of your life. Over twenty one days, you'll receive expert coaching and guidance from experienced mindset and relationship coach Christiano Green, who will help you break through the barriers that have been holding you back from true self-love and happiness.

In this transformative online course, you'll learn powerful techniques to overcome self-doubt, build confidence, and cultivate a mindset of success. You'll gain clarity on your goals and aspirations, and develop the tools and strategies to turn your dreams into reality.

Best of all, this course is completely affordable for any gay man. You'll receive daily guidance, support, and inspiration from expert coach Christiano, all designed to help you achieve the success and happiness you deserve.

So don't wait – sign up for our 21-day 'Gay Men's Guide To Love & Happiness' Online Course today and start living the life you've always dreamed of!


Are you feeling stuck in your personal or professional life? Do you struggle with self-doubt, anxiety, or fear of rejection? You don't have to go it alone. Meet Christiano, a highly sought-after shadow healer and life coach for queer individuals. With over 15 years of personal development experience and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by queer people, Christiano has helped countless individuals overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their goals.

As a gay man, Christiano brings a fresh perspective and a compassionate, non-judgmental approach to coaching. He believes that every queer person has the power to transform their life and is committed to guiding each client on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. With personalised 1:1 coaching, you'll receive the support, guidance, and tools you need to break through your barriers and unleash your full potential.

Whether you're looking to build confidence, navigate a challenging situation, or create a more fulfilling life, Christiano is here to help. Schedule your free consultation today and start living your best life.


Welcome to our group coaching program, where you'll get the chance to work with an experienced gay and friendly coach who is passionate about empowering queer individuals. Our group coaching sessions are designed to create a supportive environment where you can learn and grow alongside like-minded individuals.

You'll benefit from a powerful combination of coaching techniques and tools that are tailored to your individual needs. Whether you're struggling with self-doubt, relationship issues, or career challenges, our expert coach will guide you towards achieving your personal and professional goals.

Our group coaching program is an excellent opportunity to connect with a community of queer individuals who are on a similar journey of self-discovery and personal growth. With regular check-ins and personalized support, you'll gain the confidence and clarity you need to overcome any obstacle and live your best life.

Join our group coaching program today and experience the power of coaching in a supportive and uplifting community.


Unlock your full potential and discover a life of passion, confidence, and success with our 1 & 2-day seminars led by a gay man who coaches queer individuals.

Over the course of two intensive days, you'll work directly with our expert coach, learning essential mindset strategies, healing from past traumas, building new life skills, and discovering the tools you need to achieve your biggest goals.

Our seminars are designed for queer individuals who are ready to take their lives to the next level, whether that means launching a new business, building a fulfilling career, healing from the past, finding a life partner, or achieving personal growth and transformation.

Join us for an immersive experience that will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to take on the world.


Welcome to 'The Queer Quest Podcast', a groundbreaking journey into the vibrant heart of the queer community, hosted by Christiano Green, the visionary CEO & Founder of Queer Quest - the world’s pioneering personal development platform exclusively for queer individuals.

In this empowering and transformative podcast, we delve deep into the myriad hues of queer life, exploring themes of healing, growth, learning, and evolution with a dynamic touch. Each episode of 'The Queer Quest Podcast' is a tapestry of rich conversations, engaging stories, and practical wisdom, designed to resonate with, uplift, and empower our queer listeners.

Join Christiano and a roster of influential leaders in queer healing and coaching as they shed light on the most pressing issues faced by our community. From insightful discussions on mental health and wellness to inspiring tales of personal triumph, our guests bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, offering valuable tools and strategies to help you navigate the unique challenges of queer life.

'The Queer Quest Podcast' is more than just a podcast; it's a safe space for connection, a source of inspiration, and a catalyst for transformation. Whether you're seeking guidance, looking to deepen your understanding, or simply want to feel a part of a community that truly gets you, this podcast is your go-to resource.

Tune in to 'The Queer Quest Podcast' and embark on a journey of self-discovery and community bonding. Together, let's heal, grow, learn, evolve, and transform our lives, celebrating the full spectrum of what it means to be queer.

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I am so blessed to have done your course. I really thought I was going in there to fix my relationship with my mother and my boyfriend and of course I did. I didn't realise though that I would get an even bigger gift of actually fixing my relationship with myself & choosing happiness. You are one of a kind and I am truly grateful.


This is such a life changing moment for me. Your program has been a real eye opener for me. I was so lost and lonely and didn't think I was ever going to find love. I had been told my whole life that I wasn't good enough and I believed everyone who said that. I have the power now & I'll never forget what you have done for me.


I just wanted to say a huge shout out to my coach Christiano! I had a huge breakthrough and realized that someone I had dated previously and was interested in me again, that he was the person I really wanted to be with. I joined this program wanting to better myself and I have a new career path and a life partner. So happy!



Download Christiano's 'Gay Men's Guide To Beating Depression & Anxiety' today and discover:

  1. How to outsmart depression without a therapist on speed-diaL

  1. Discovering the hidden gem to freeing your mind, heart, and spirit from anxiety

  1. A little known way to discovering a purpose so strong you cherish every waking second


What is queer transformation coaching, and how does it work?

Ready to sparkle in a world that's not always rainbow-friendly? Our Queer Transformation Coaching is your secret glitter bomb! Think of it as a fabulous journey with an expert queer coach who's not just a guide, but your personal cheerleader and ally. Together, we'll dive deep into what makes you uniquely awesome and craft a path to your wildest dreams - be it slaying in your career, discovering love, or living your truth with flair.

Imagine heart-to-heart sessions, where you're not just heard, but celebrated. Our coaches are armed with an arsenal of techniques and tools, all designed to help you shine brighter. You'll gain crystal-clear clarity, set goals that make you wanna dance out of bed, and develop strategies to strut past life’s hurdles. This isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s a couture experience, stitched perfectly to fit the fabulous you. Let’s empower you to make those dazzling changes in your life, because darling, you deserve to live loud and proud!

How long does a typical coaching engagement last?

Ever wonder how long it takes to unleash your most fabulous self? The answer is as unique as you are! Our coaching sessions are as diverse as the rainbow. Some of our clients opt for a quick sprint – a few power-packed sessions to tackle a specific challenge or two. Others choose a marathon route, luxuriating in a longer-term transformation that reshapes their world.

Think of it like a custom-made sequin gown. For some, a little tailoring is all it takes to shine. For others, we're crafting an entire ensemble, from glittery headpiece to shimmering shoes. Our coaching could be a few months of glitter bombs or a year (or more) of rainbow magic. The key? Communication, darling! Chat with your coach about your dreams and desires. Together, we'll sketch out the perfect timeline to help you sashay your way to success. Remember, this journey is all about you – let's make it as fabulous as you are!

What makes Queer Transformation Coaching different from other coaching services?

Picture this: a transformation journey that's as dazzlingly unique as you are. Our Queer Transformation Coaching isn't just about change; it's about revolutionizing your world, your way. We put you at the center of the universe (where you absolutely belong) and tailor every glittering moment to fit your fabulous needs and goals.

Imagine a space where you're not just accepted, but adored for who you are. Here, empathy and support aren't just words; they're the pillars of our palace. Whether you're aiming for a personal glow-up, a career that’s as bright as your personality, or a love life that's as deep and meaningful as your favorite ballad, we've got a spectrum of specialties to guide you there.

And the best part? Our coaching flexes like the best drag queen on the dance floor. It's all about your rhythm, your style. We're here to groove to your beat, ensuring every step in your journey feels like it's choreographed just for you. Because darling, in the world of transformation, one size fits nobody – and we're here to celebrate every shade of your magnificent rainbow!